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I was asked by a contractor to submit designs for a ramp system to him for a bid proposal he was working on.  He asked for one ramp design to comply with ADA requirements, but I decided to give him 4 designs for the client to choose from. 


McNaugher SP1A-HALF SIZE.jpg
McNaugher SP1B-HALF SIZE.jpg

 Some of the design challenges were:

1.      There is a 3-4 ft gap beneath the current concrete steps going up to the entrance with a retaining wall to a basement entrance on both sides.

2.      Two wide wall/handrails flank both sides of the existing steps which the client wanted to keep.

3.      Both sides of the entrance were confined by ramps and stairs going down to a basement entrance on each side.

4.      It needed a designated ADA parking spot

Any chance to repurpose very valuable materials that have to be removed is a gift to a designer.  In this case, the existing steps were thick, black granite planks about 11”x 8” each and various lengths. 


I decided to have them carefully removed and used as part of the new planter area centered prominently in the front of each design.

McNaugher SP1C-HALF SIZE.jpg
McNaugher SP1D-HALF SIZE.jpg

Another requirement for me is to not have the egress for the ramp to be too far out of the way for anyone using it.  In a few cases, the egress was determined by the location of the new ADA van parking spot.  The steps were easily accessible and convenient in each design.

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