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What Do You Need?

General Contractors, are you in need of a design team but don’t have the budget to assemble one in-house?  Do you look at the price of CAD software and think, “Someday I gotta get this”?  Do you and your crew lack the expertise or the time to draw up design drawings?

Homeowners, do you want to build or remodel your house, but think the cost of an architect is too high?  Do you have a small project, need plans, but can’t find an architect interested in working with you?

Working With Bottega

At Bottega, I help contractors to achieve a level of in-house service, from design to construction, to their clients without adding the burden of overhead costs.

For homeowners, Bottega is here to help with the design of their home projects at about half the cost of an architectural firm.  Being a step below an architect, I can take on jobs that are not financially advantageous for them, but provide you the homeowner with the plans that you need.

What do I offer to you?

  • I design homes, remodels, additions, kitchens, etc. And draw up the plans to complete the project

  • I measure and evaluate site conditions to prepare plans accurately to the best of my ability

  • I use AutoCAD LT to draft 2D plans for permit submittal and construction

  • Working with contractors, I create drawings that will help them with their estimating and preconstruction evaluation.

  • I am constantly educating myself about new construction methods and new products to discuss with contractors and provide options to homeowners.


Previous Work

About Cassie

Bottega came about as part of the research I’ve done on my path to becoming a licensed architect.  With the growing emphasis on trade and technical schools along with apprenticeship programs, the world of architecture is changing and I’m grateful for that.

What that means for you is service by a drafting & design company that intends to provide everything I am allowed to provide that an architect would provide.

Landing my first job at PCH Architects in Redlands, CA almost 20 years ago, I worked on school construction projects like relocatable classrooms, ADA code compliance and code compliance solutions for school sites.

I moved to Pennsylvania in hopes to start a new life with my son.  I’ve worked with several architectural firms and a fire protection company on engineering designs, site evaluations and permit approvals. 


Having had the privilege of working with the Division of State Architect in California, fire departments and city planners to create construction ready, code compliant plans makes it possible for me to provide the guidance and support you need to get your project across the finish line.

I fell in love with architecture in high school through one of the best art teachers in Ventura County, CA.  When my son was born I found myself as a single mom having to make some hard choices.  I felt that adding an education to my work schedule would take too much time away from him, so I chose to put my education aside during his formative years. 

About 5 years ago, circumstances demanded I focus on homeschooling my son through jr. high and high school.  During that time, I have educated myself on internet marketing strategies and real estate investing. 

After my son graduated, I decided it was time to get back on track with my education.  Through my research, I discovered that architecture has changed and I can now earn my architectural license through apprenticeship work. 



I found Cassie to be very dedicated to the projects she undertook.  On several projects, she was the organizer and leader, where she performed excellently.  She is self-motivated, works independently and gets projects completed on time.  She is always researching and learning more about any given subject, and sharing creative ideas.



Roberta Altman, Homeowner

Ms. Gray impressed me with her desire to learn about the construction and planning process as it relates to school design, as well as her ability to work in the AutoCAD programs.  She was always extremely pleasant to work with and a team player.  Additionally, she was always willing to work and manage any project given to her without  hesitation. 

David Higginson, Architect

Cassie is an intelligent and motivated individual.  She is perfectly capable of managing her time, deciphering problems and resolving them without much need for direction.  She is well organized and makes every effort to give due attention to all of the projects being demanded of her.  Her work for me is far above the quality of work I’ve received from draftspeople of the past.


  Jeff Buterbaugh, Project Manager

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