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Hi, I'm Cassie

I’ve been in the architectural field since 1999.  I started out drafting small

school projects in the firm I worked for in California and made my way up to

managing design projects for temporary classrooms. 


When I moved to Pennsylvania, I worked for a couple of companies doing

their site measurements, background drawings and design work until one day

I had to make a hard decision.  My son needed my help to get through school. 

I went on a 5 year hiatus to homeschool him through high school. 


I was eager to get back to work when he graduated.  But I’ve always had a desire to be my own boss.  So I took the plunged and launched BD+D to design custom residential projects. 

What I've discovered

What I’ve discovered since launching my company is that homeowners have been shocked at the rise in prices of building their homes.  What used to cost $400,000 now costs over $650,000.  It was painful for them to have to abandon their projects.  I was so sad for them that they could not afford their dream. 

My Mission

So I’ve set on a mission to research ways to make adjustments to their dream build so they can afford to make it a reality.  I’m always looking for new ways to strategically reduce costs in key ways.

I’m now on a mission to help people afford to build their dream!  Not only to provide the plans they need to build off of, but really dig deep to find ways to save money on the entire design. 

Where I Work

I am an architectural designer that serves the Southwestern Pennsylvania area.

What do I offer to you?

  • I design homes, remodels, additions, kitchens, etc. and draw up the plans to complete the project

  • I measure and evaluate site conditions to prepare plans accurately to the best of my ability

  • Help homeowners to determine the size of their project and budget they can afford.

  • Working with contractors, I create drawings that will help them with their estimating and preconstruction evaluation.

  • I am constantly educating myself about new construction methods and new products to discuss with contractors and provide options to homeowners.


Previous Work


I found Cassie to be very dedicated to the projects she undertook.  On several projects, she was the organizer and leader, where she performed excellently.  She is self-motivated, works independently and gets projects completed on time.  She is always researching and learning more about any given subject, and sharing creative ideas.



Roberta Altman, Homeowner

Ms. Gray impressed me with her desire to learn about the construction and planning process as it relates to school design, as well as her ability to work in the AutoCAD programs.  She was always extremely pleasant to work with and a team player.  Additionally, she was always willing to work and manage any project given to her without  hesitation. 

David Higginson, Architect

Cassie is an intelligent and motivated individual.  She is perfectly capable of managing her time, deciphering problems and resolving them without much need for direction.  She is well organized and makes every effort to give due attention to all of the projects being demanded of her.  Her work for me is far above the quality of work I’ve received from draftspeople of the past.


  Jeff Buterbaugh, Project Manager

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